Electrofusion Machine

Elektra Light is a Multipurpose Electrofusion Machine (in low voltage 8 + 48V) capable of fusing any brand of coupler available in the market for the transport of gas, water and other fluids under pressure (HDPE, PP, PP-R) meeting the national and international welding standards.

Elektra Light is light and easy to carry.

Elektra Light has a memory that keeps track of 350 cycles of welding with the possibility to download them via adapter DB9M-USB (on request) to a USB stick or a serial printer.

Two versions are available with or without light pen for reading bar code to set the welding parameters.


–  Connectors adapters 0 4,0 mm, 0 4.7 mm, carrying case, manual scraper.


–    Kit transferring data from welding serial printer (including serial and printer cables)

–    USB data transfer cable.


Rotative Scraper

 Our rotatif scraper was designed to remove a thin layer of HDPE for any OD pipe up to 2”.  By using this tools it will facilitate and reduce preparation time on the field.  Works and fits any existing semi rigid HDPE  piping systems in the market.