Probes, tank gauging system

Start Italiana design and manufacture components using its own technology:
Magnetostrictive and laser probe level gauge, electronic consoles and management software.

Probes level measurement:

  • • Magnetostrictive Explosion proof
  • • Intrisecally safe
  • • Wireless
  • • Laser

Radio Receiver For Wireless Probe
The receiver is able to receive the data from wireless probes installed in the tank.
It has an RS485 for console connection and USB for PC direct link.
It is powered via serial RS485 bus or via external power supply in case is used with USB.

MAGLINK32 series consoles
Console of level gauge monitoring and tanks alarms. Manage on the bus up to 32 probes and 16 SPDT programmable relay Can be interfaced to the major management system located in the petrol station.


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