Optimgaz vapor condenser

The optimgas principal:

The Optimgaz equipment has 2 different operating cycles

  • • 1st Cycle during unloading of petrol to an underground storage tank
  • • 2nd cycle during car refueling

OPTIMGAZ is equipped with 2 tubular thermal exchangers.

OPTIMGAZ is cooling the vapors at extreme low temperatures which convert the major V.O.C. quantity (Volatile Organic Compounds) to liquid state with fuel characteristics.
Them the truck is collecting vapors that does not contain any Fuel Vapors.



Environment Protection  OPTIMGAZ equipment is designed to avoid V.O.C. vapors leaking through the degasification holes due to tank pressure generated during phase 2.Despite all precautions taken by professionals, accidental degasifications still occur sometimes.Once V.O.C. vapor has been treated by OPTIMGAZ system, the truck content is fully unloaded of fuel particles and is containing an insignificant V.O.C. level.



During unloading of petrol to an underground storage tank or refueling of a vehicle, the exchanged vapor is representing a significant volume of fuel.
It is admitted by the petrol experts, that this volume is representing 2 liters of fuel for 1,000 liters of fuel delivered (2/°°°)


Vapor measurements conducted with our prototypes (equipped with spectrometers) have confirmed this value.

Due to the fuel cost today, the condensation of Fuel vapors represents a significant income.

This income is proportional with the amount of fuel that the petrol station is selling.


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